About Us

HSW Diamond Tools Limited

Our director, Chris MacLean, has been in the stone industry since 2014, starting off in the manufacture of stone hearths, engraved signs, kitchen worktops and flooring, providing him with extensive knowledge of the industry gained from years of experience, with a fair bit trail and error. Prior to this he had a background in design and manufacture which is a pivotal role in HSW Diamond Tools Limited today. 

Our Research and Development, headed by Chris, have extensively tested every item range of different material to ensure that they will meet your high standard, looking at the quality, performance, durability and finish. These are tested on slate, flagstone, marble, limestone and quartz.

After 4 years in business HSW Diamond Tools become a limited company branching off on its own in early 2021. We now stock over 1000+ different items, with a stock of over 100,000+ items. Supplying over 15,000 customers per year throughout the UK and the world.

As a company our goal is to provide an extensive range of tools, constantly evolving our range of products. We normally have various new products at different stages of design and manufacture, specialising in bespoke tools.

Our experts are happy to help in any way we can, from bespoke tools to recommendations based on the job your going to be doing, get in touch and we will happily discuss your requirements.