HSW Diamond tools specialise in an extensive range of tools catering for the professional and personal use. Using state of the art manufacturing facilities we have developed a range of premium quality diamond tools through rigorous testing on a full range material.

Our Black Diamond Series (BDS) has been developed for its premium quality, long lifespan and high performance tools.

Made using only the highest quality of raw materials with an increased diamond content compared to standard diamond tools.

Our Black Diamond Series (BDS) ranges from CNC bits, profiling tools, core drills, diamond blades and many more. The BDS originally was all black in colour but on occasion are other colours such as for diamond bridge saw blades for each material - e.g. white is for ceramic, gold is for marble, silver is for granite, yellow for quartz and grey is for UCS (Ultra Compact Surfaces). Allowing to easily distinguish between cutting materials.

When choosing the BDS each item still has a specialist material. E.g. Sintered diamond tools perform better on concrete than vacuum brazed diamonds. This goes throughout the whole series. If you require advice on which type to use we would be happy to help.